Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Pizza Lovers,
This is my first time creating a Blog. I want to introduce the world to Round Boy Brick Ovens. My husband is a 5th generation mason and loves pizza! Because of the construction industry being brought to a halt with our economy my husband Karl had lots of time on his hands. He had been studying Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for years and dreaming of creating an oven and a place to entertain in our backyard. He now had the time!
I want to start with the beautiful oven he designed and built for our home and what I like to call my vacation in the back yard!
I will add some pictures of the construction process and share some of our favorite recipes. I hope you enjoy reading about us and try some recipes and enjoy the blog as much as I will enjoy writing ans sharing.
It was a fun journey to the final Pizza Oven that we hope to sell so everyone can enjoy a Pizza Party in their backyard. I will add more of the journey in the future.....