Friday, October 25, 2013

Pizza Dough

1 1/2 cups of warm water
1 teaspoon active dry yeast
4 cups General Mills high gluten flour
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon olive oil

 Place 1/4 cup of warm water in a small bowl and add yeast. Let sit for 5 minutes.
Place remaining water in your mixer bowl and begin mixer on medium speed. Add remaining ingredients and yeast mixture and continue to mix until dough forms a smooth ball and " cleans" the side of the bowl.
Cover and let rest for 20 minutes.
Resume mixing on medium speed until the dough forms a smooth ball.
Place in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Let rise for 2 1/2 hours. 
* I prefer to make the dough ahead and let it rise in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Allow the dough to warm to room temperature before using.    This recipe makes 4 ten ounce pies.
 Original recipe from "The Art of Wood Fired Cooking" by Andrea Mugnaini

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This year Fall in North East Pennsylvania has been beautiful. Perfect for baking in our Roundboy oven. In the Fall we like to add some comfort food to our Sunday afternoon pizza making. The oven holds the heat nicely after baking pizza. I like to remember that the heat is on....
So why waste all that heat stored in the oven?
Perfect for our cast iron pot and some ham and bean soup..
And how about some bread after the hot coals burn out.....
 This made a nice hot meal for after work on Monday......

 We enjoyed a great Fall pizza on Sunday topped with sweet potato and kale on a rosemary and beer crust...

Then used all that heat for Monday nights ham and bean soup with fresh baked bread. What a great way to start the week!
Recipe for Sweet Potato and Kale Pizza