Saturday, November 30, 2013


Holidays and wood fired baking are made for each other. Baking with our wood fired oven is always a "fun day". It brings us together and is really more of a hobby then just a meal. When you add a holiday to the mix it becomes very special. Something about the cold day and baking and roasting outside, the fire and creating great food the way it was done in the past makes our Thanksgiving day our favorite holiday.
This year we added roasting pumpkin for our pumpkin pies. I always make my own pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin from the store. I usually boil in down on the stove and it is not an easy task! It was a nice surprise to find roasting the pumpkin in our Roundboy Oven was very easy. The results were a sweeter thicker pumpkin filling for my pies. We made the pumpkin filling a few weeks before and then froze it. We also took a trip to a turkey farm for a delicious turkey breast. On the big day we roasted our turkey in the wood fired oven as usual. The conversation at the table was all about the turkey and the morning was spent around the oven with everyone having a hand in the roasting. Very different from the days of me in the kitchen preparing everything myself!
Cut the top off the pumpkin

scrape out the insides and coat with olive oil

cut the pumpkin in half and place inside down on a baking sheet

We roasted in our Roundboy at a temperature around 400* and the pumpkin was done when the skin was shriveled and soft.

I scraped out the pumpkin from its skin and used my food processor to blend to a creamy filling. I froze the pumpkin in 2 cup quantities as the recipe calls for

Delicious! My pie recipe you can find here Pumpkin Pie