Monday, January 10, 2011


I have spent a month with a cast on my foot. I have been home and hibernating more then I have ever done. I am really surprised at how well I have done being stuck in the house! If you ask my family they would not agree. I am surprised at how fast the month went and I really enjoyed knitting,sorting thru papers and files and watching Netflix! Working in my salon for the past 30 years I am used to being with people and talking and hearing what everyone is doing. This time has forced me to enjoy doing nothing. It forced me to let someone do things for me and I hope I learned to let having control go a little. The letting go part is what I drove my family crazy over!
This brings me to talk about pizza! Sunday night my BFF Cathy and George invited Karl and I out for pizza to a local pizza place. Pizza is not something Karl and I eat out much anymore. We have gotten used to our own pizza with fresh toppings and wood fired of course. My son lives in New Jersey and he won't order pizza anymore because it never taste as good as our wood fired pizza. Karl and I were happy to get out of the house. Karl as much as I because he has been doing all the cooking this month and has been stuck around the house with me.
The pizza was good! We both love our pizza but we both agreed pizza is always good! George and Cathy are the friends that no matter where we go or what we do with them we have fun! Spending just a few hours out and laughing about Karl and I surviving my foot in a cast, the economy and how it changed our lifestyle and hearing how cute Bella ( George and Cathy's granddaughter) is was just what we needed. All this while eating pizza.
So what I think about now is that making our wood fired pizza, trying different recipes and playing with the fire and oven to make the pizza just right is fun and the pizza is always good! I think about making pizza this winter and having a pitch card game and pizza night like we did last winter to get thru the winter. I look forward to spring and summer and having parties around the oven while we bake pizza. The pizza is always good! Just like Sunday night at our local pizza place with George and Cathy and the pizza was good!
I think making pizza in a wood fired oven with fresh toppings and fresh tomatoes and our next favorite dough recipe is only part of what makes having a outdoor wood fired oven so wonderful. The real reason we love having a wood fired oven and making pizza and having people over is the oven is a reason to entertain to enjoy our back yard to spend time with my children and their friends and our friends and family. The oven is all about the social element it brought to my yard, it is a entertainment and social feature in my back yard that I could not live without! And the pizza is always good!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baking Pizza in a Round Boy Oven

I asked Karl to fire up a Round Boy Oven so we can show you some pictures of the oven being used. I also asked him for some tips or tricks he could offer on using the oven. Karl gave me three tips as he told me "There is nothing to making pizza in the oven. It is simple.".
Tip # 1 get the oven roof to white hot.                                 
Tip # 2 Keep the fire to one side so you can turn the pizza to cook evenly.
Tip # 3 Lift the pizza with the peel as if to check the underneath to see if it is done, if the pizza bends in the center it needs more time. When it is done it will be crisp and it will not bend in the center.
Well it is easy! Here are the pictures of the oven baking pizza. 

 The pizza was delicious!