Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Spring is on hold. The snow was melting last week and I could see the grass. More snow came along and another storm is coming Thursday night. Spring is taking it's time.
Our Roundboy Oven's web page is being created and I had a peek at the site and it is coming along nice.
Karl and Harry met with a company to supply us with what we need to make improvements on how we make our ovens.
I am not patient, I like things to happen and happen fast! I can't wait to make pizza and I want to bake bread! I want the sunshine and to see the grass even if it is mud. I can't wait for our website so I can work on brochures and we can grow our business. I have so many ideas for my blog and want to get going on them. I have recipes ready to make and write about. I can't wait for the new improvements and designs even if I do not understand when Karl talks about them
I am forced to wait. I will keep knitting and be patient because this is all not fast enough......