Monday, October 24, 2011


We use our Roundboy oven all year long. There is nothing better then a star filled sky on a Summer evening. Friends over for pizza, topped with whatever we grow, served with a few ice cold beers.  In the Winter, I can't explain why we get such a thrill shoveling a path through the snow to get to the oven. We carry the steaming pizza inside to eat while playing cards.  When Spring finally arrives we can't wait to start the season baking something new in the oven. A new beginning and a new recipe to try. The Fall is for me the best season of all! The weather is ideal to be outside around the oven. It is when we spend all day baking bread. It is a feeling of something special, something you were lucky to sneak in when you bake pizza, and can one last time, sit outside and enjoy it all.

With the weather looking great for Sunday I made my plans. I wanted to bake pizza, make a video with my new camera and tri pod and try a new Rice pudding recipe I found in WOMAN'S DAY magazine November issue. 

I was able to enjoy all three! The Coconut Rice Pudding was easy and delicious.  I adopted my favorite recipe for Rice pudding with the WOMAN'S DAY ingredients and put a coconut twist to the flavor. It was a success with Karl and he loves rice pudding! 

I am getting better with my new camera. I started my camera course this week ( a birthday gift from K.C. ). I learned a lot in just one class! 

The pizza on a Fall day was perfect. We did feel like we were lucky to sneak in one last pizza outside with the Fall colors as our background, a refreshing chill in the air...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We have been very busy the past few months with launching our web site and adding a chimney cap and oven door to our oven accessories. We have been receiving such positive feedback from our oven owners on Facebook and with phone calls. We love hearing from all of our new friends and are happy to have a place for them to leave a review on our web site. If you have a Roundboy oven we would love for you to leave a review and share your thoughts with us and people looking for an affordable wood fired oven for their backyard.

We have been waiting for a nice Indian Summer day to celebrate our new web site and it finally came. What better way to celebrate our accomplishment then a backyard pizza party. I love having our friends, neighbors and family over because they share our love for good food and enjoying seasonal fresh bounty. We roasted chestnuts, baked apples, enjoyed an easy nacho dip and of course pizza. Everyone brought something to try wood fired and had a hand in making it. It was a great way to celebrate and nice way to enjoy a beautiful Fall day!

The nacho dip was easy to make and was gone before I had a chance to take a picture. You can try it and see for yourself. I layered cream cheese, salsa and topped with grated pepperjack cheese in a pie pan. We baked in the oven to melt together and served with nacho chips. 

I did get a few pictures of our fun and I am going to have to assign picture taking to someone for our next party. The guest were keeping me busy making pizza! Karl and I realized at the end of the night that we only had a slice of pizza each. So the next day we made pizza again just the two of us and I won't say how many slices we enjoyed!
Pizza and roasted chestnuts.

Apple Joe telling jokes.

The baked apples were delicious and easy.
All the way from Florida to Pa. to help make pizza.
 I hope you had a chance to enjoy Indian Summer with a Roundboy party before the snow comes and we have to shovel a path to our oven.....

Friday, October 7, 2011


 Prune my perennials,  clean and paint my front porch,  put away the pool furniture,  put away the air conditioners,  cut and stack wood for the cold winter ahead,  clean up the garden,  put away screens and wash the windows,  put away the garden hoses,  winterize the lawn mowers,  get the snow plow ready,  wash and wax my car......


I could invite my friends over for a last minute wood fired pizza party, maybe roast some apples in my Roundboy oven  and top them with vanilla ice cream. Pick up a couple bottles of wine and a case of beer to enjoy with the pizza......

What are you going to do this beautiful Fall weekend?