Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few of Our favorite Things

We have been busy at Roundboy Outdoor Products! Karl and Harry have completed the new oven changes. They are small changes that I think make a nice oven. The edges of the new oven have a stone look and the Roundboy name is designed right in the stone front. The new ovens are shipping now!

I have been learning to use my new Canon T3I camera and I hope you like the pictures it takes! Karl gave it to me for my birthday and K.C signed me up for a course in the fall. I need the course because there are too many features for me.

K.C. is still working on the web site but has been in California for work. He was not able to make it home for Easter and I was not too happy about that! He spent his weekend driving up the coast in a Mustang Convertible and I am sure he enjoyed that more then a family dinner and a peanut butter egg.

Now for our favorite things! I will start with Spring because it took it's time getting here:

Next is my Assistent Magic Mill Mixer from Sweden! Karl bought this for me for Christmas. I must say it took a little getting used to. The bowl moves, not the blade. I am still learning and have discovered the best thing to do is turn it on and walk away! I could do a entire blog on this mixer and maybe I will in the future or a video when I learn to take movies with my new camera. I will tell you I love that it handles a large batch of pizza dough with no problems!

A pressed board pizza peel! I like how easily the pizza slides off and the fact that I can keep it clean and bacteria stays off because it is sealed.

This little pizza peel I am sure has a name but I do not know it! Karl likes it for turning the pizza and checking the bottom of the pie. Harry bought a full sized peel and he brought it over to Karl to cut it down to match this little peel. A very handy little tool!

Karl's new iPhone is our last favorite thing! I have heard daily how it is better then my Droid. He is so impressed with having a smart phone and being able to text, email and print from his phone. He learns something new about it everyday and he is driving our son crazy with text messages all day. I have found since he got the new phone he never answers when I call him! I hope this is not his favorite thing about the phone! I do find it funny that when ever he sends a picture it arrives up side down. If there are any iPhone users who can solve this for him please let us know! Until then my Droid beats it!