Monday, May 28, 2012


We* have been really busy this Spring. 

 We* mulched the blueberry patch.

 I think we will have a nice amount of blueberries this summer!

We* planted a nice garden.

We* opened the pool.

Karl and Amanda picked strawberries.

Our neighbor Travis plowed and planted corn for us. Doesn't he have a nice tractor? 

Our Memorial weekend started out a little scary. Charlie my aging Old English Sheepdog met up with a snake by our backyard pond. The snake bit him and he fell into the pond. Charlie was not able to get out of the pond and I was the only one home to help him. I did rescue him and we ended up a muddy mess! I hosed us off and noticed his leg was swelling up. After a trip to his vet we learned that he was bitten by a snake more then one place. The snakes bites caused cellulitis. Charlie is recovering nicely with antibiotics. We* will be getting rid of the pond this Fall as Charlie and I do not like snakes!!

After all that we have been up to I thought an easy wood fired meal would be best. I bought a Tenderloin already marinated and we* grilled it in our oven.  Fast and easy was the way to go! We* picked some delicious lettuce from the garden and I made a big salad. Wood fired cooking can be sooo easy!

 We* means Karl! He points that out to me every time I find a new project that we* need to do...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, walnuts and a Roundboy oven make a wonderful Mother's Day treat.

The recipe is hereWow! A chocolate lovers perfect Mother's Day treat...