Friday, September 3, 2010

Coney Island Catering in my backyard!

Today Karl and I had a nice treat when Coney Island Catering came by to check out our Round Boy Oven.  They were kind enough to bring all the ingredients and make us their wood fired pizza in our oven!  WOW!  These boys make a good pizza!  They gave me all the tricks to a great wood fired pizza the Coney Island way.  They have a wood fired pizza oven that they take on the road and cater events. What a great business they have.  I really enjoyed the afternoon with such hard working entrepreneurs who have the recipe for success! They even left me the ingredients to make pizza for K.C. tonight when he gets home from New Jersey. Coney Island Catering caters in New Jersey and New York and you can check them out at and be sure and check out their face book page and the events they will be serving pizza at. I know Karl and I will be making a point to attend a event they cater the next time we are visiting K.C.
We have been having a lot of fun starting our new business Round Boy Outdoor Products. I am thrilled that our ovens are making their way around the country! I love meeting new people and exchanging recipes and ideas.
I like what Jed from Coney Island Catering said about pizza " There is no wrong way to make a pizza, everyone has their own way they like pizza!". I agree and it is really fun trying all the different styles of pizza. If only pizza was zero calorie!

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