Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chicken under a Brick!

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Before I get to the Chicken under a Brick I want to talk about Round Boy Ovens! We now have ovens in Canada, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas,Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee! It has been so much fun talking to people from all these places and I feel like we have made some wonderful friends. I hope I can enjoy some of the recipes they create in their ovens! Of course I will share them! I was happy to hear how easily the oven went together for everyone and our directions and pictures were a success.  If you haven't bought a Round Boy Oven for your backyard yet, you are missing out on a great way to entertain and enjoy your own backyard. Fall and winter are still great for wood fired cooking. I like this time of year to roast meals and also bread baking. last year Karl shoveled a path the the oven and we used it all winter long
Chicken under a brick seemed very interesting to me when I read the recipe. It came from my favorite wood fired oven book - THE ART Of WOOD FIRED COOKING by Andrea Mugnaini.
 We also made roasted asparagus and roasted potatoes from the same book. What a feast we had! The preparation was so easy and the clean up even easier for a meal that looked and tasted like we spent hours. The tricks to the chicken were to have a whole chicken deboned by the friendly butcher at Wegmans and the Aromatic salt recipe from the book. The fire was easily managed and all of this was in the book. Oh and the bricks on top of the chicken was the best trick!
We started the fire and brought the oven up to pizza temp. and then kept a vertical flame extended up the wall only and the temp. at the floor of around 550* We kept adding small wood to keep the flame extended up the wall and maintain our temp of 550*
We started with our roasted potatoes first because they took about 30 minutes. The chicken was next heating the bake sheet in the oven first then adding the chicken with 2 bricks covered in foil on top for the first 15 minutes. We removed the bricks and roasted for another 30 minutes. Last we put in the asparagus! The next time I make this meal I will use smaller pans and keep the potatoes and chicken in the oven farthest from flame while the other items roast. This time I took them out and put in my regular oven to keep warm.
The recipe for the Aromatic Salt used to season the chicken
2 cups fine sea salt
1 cup finely chopped mixture of rosemary,sage,thyme, and parsley
1 lemon for zesting
Place salt and herb mixture on a sheet and toss together. Hold lemon over salt mixture and zest. Toss again. Mixture can be used now or dried at room temp. for 48 hours and kept in fridge for use later.
I hope you enjoy!


  1. Great article, Lisa! The recipe sounds delicious and your photos are mouth-watering!!

  2. Thanks, I will have to make this for you and Paul!