Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ahhh January!

September to December is a fast pace at The Beauty Shoppe. When you add to that Holiday meals and entertaining, shopping and wrapping presents, attempting to have a clean house (usually on the bottom of the list) and decorating the pace becomes near impossible! Add to all that Amanda car shopping and it was a crazy end to the year!
Christmas day comes and all is forgotten. You are no longer tired and can relax and enjoy.
This year our gifts were especially thoughtful.  Amanda gave Karl a Leener's Cheese Making Kit (great blog material) and for K.C. she gave Rick's Picks and he will enjoy a different pickle each month this year. I surprised Karl with an I phone case by Lifeproof  that will save his phone from the concrete dust and construction abuse he puts it through daily.   Karl put a lot of thought into my gift and it is very special to me. I have been trying for the last year (with not much success) to organize my recipes and make a book for each of my children. Karl hired a friend to type, organize and burn to a disc my disorganized recipe collection for me. Amanda gave me a gift certificate to have the recipes made into a book! I can add pictures with K.C.'s gift (Adobe Premier Elements) and make a book for both kids!  
So December with it's fast pace and Holidays brought us together and gave us gifts.  We enjoyed everything and realized how blessed we are. It goes by quickly because of how busy it is and then comes January.
Ahh January! My favorite month. There is nothing to do and it is o.k. to do nothing.  I can waste a day away looking through my recipes and experiment with the hand written recipe notebook  filled with my grandmother's recipes ( my mother gave them to me to add to my recipe book). Most have no measurements just a handful or a pinch! I can try a different bread recipe or invite friends over for wood fired pizza and cards. It is o.k. in January to stay in and watch a movie or to cuddle up and take a nap on a cold day.  For me January is the month you step back and let the world go by...
Well it is February and I am just sharing this with you now! My January was not a time to let the world go by. My partner and I spent the month moving The Beauty Shoppe to a new location. With a beautiful new salon and some unseasonal warm weather maybe February will be a month to say Ahhh!
Our new location.

Amanda and her new Jeep waiting for some snow!

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