Monday, July 3, 2017

Roundboy is more than just a brick oven

Your Roundboy Oven is so much more than an oven. It's a beautiful addition to your home, patio, barn, and more! It brings families and friends together. Most importantly, it makes amazing meals with an incredible taste! Owners of Roundboy Ovens are coming up with new and exciting recipes and things to do with their ovens week by week! What will you come up with?

Karl recently transformed an antique hay rake into a chandelier for his family's barn as his latest project. 

His wife, Lisa, is one step closer to turning the barn into a dining room for Thanksgiving dinner later this year! "Fingers crossed for the fireplace to heat it and a big dining room table," Lisa exclaimed!

Their plan is to cook their turkey in their Roundboy Oven and bring their closest friends and family together for the holiday. Everyone will bring a side dish and they will celebrate Thanksgiving in the barn!

"I am so pleased with his idea of making a  chandelier out of the hay rake," Lisa said. "The rake was left sitting in the woods by the previous owner."

Currently, Karl and Lisa are taking votes on using candles or electrifying the chandelier... What's your vote?!

The Antique Hay Rake:

The Transformation:

The Finished Product:

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