Saturday, April 17, 2010

The first night we baked pizza the oven was not even done. Amanda and all her college friends came over and we had a great time! It rained and we had no oven tools. Karl used welding gloves and grill tongs to bake the pizza. I used Wegmans pizza dough and made all kinds of topping. Wegmans pizza dough is actually pretty good. I had a hard time rolling it out but since then I have learned a lot about pizza dough. You have to let the dough come to room temperature before rolling out, about 2 hours. If the dough is still hard to roll out and keeps springing back just walk away for 5 minutes and let the dough rest. When you return it should roll out nicely. I usually make 2 pies for each package of dough. I still remember that as the best pizza we ever made. I am not sure it was, but after a few drinks with college kids any thing taste great! Here are the pictures of the finished oven and the first burnt pie!

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