Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome to my two followers! I know a friend and a daughter as your two followers is not exactly being popular but I am thrilled to have them!( My son needs to follow my blog because his sister gained points by being first). Today I am going to skip the completion of our oven and the pictures of the first time making pizza to tell you about my day.
It was not a great day but it ended with wood fired steak so that makes up for everything!
I spent about 3 hours on Kinko's "print your own brochures" site. They really do make a nice presentation and it was easy to use until it was time to save it.... I could not get it to work, so all my work for nothing. I was very upset because last night I finished knitting my first sweater and wanted to learn to block it and sew together. Oh well! Pictures of the sweater another day! ( I know it is a pizza site but from time to time it will also be other things!).
O.k. now to the steak! Mmmm it is so good and so easy in the brick oven. Karl made a handy long handle steak grate. It allows him to cook the steak without getting burned.
First he sprays it with a little olive oil to prevent it from sticking to the steak. Today I used a McCormick Steak Rub to prepare the steak (T-Bones today) and wrapped pre microwaved potatoes in foil. I like to pre cook the potatoes a little because the steak is done in only six minutes!
We or should I say Karl gets a nice hot fire going to get the oven warm and then just allows the hot coals for the actual steak cooking. He puts the potatoes in and the steaks on the grate. Then he puts the tongs he used on the raw steak back in the fire to sterilize them. I was pretty impressed that he thought to do that! Then the steaks go in over the hot coals and Amanda (our daughter) times the steaks for 3 min. each side! And that is it that simple! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the steak!

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