Friday, December 17, 2010

Wood Fired Thanksgiving Feast

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I wanted to try roasting a turkey in the brick oven all summer. We never got around to trying a turkey in the oven because we enjoy pizza and steak so much! Roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving when we have guest for dinner was a little scary. The solution was a turkey breast done in my Jenn Air and another breast done wood fired outside in our brick oven. Both took about the same time and both had the same preparation and seasoning. The breast was a honey brine fresh turkey breast from Wegmans. I used a seasoned rub. The results were told by the fact that the only leftover turkey was the Jenn Air roasted breast. The wood fired breast was amazing! I wish you could taste the difference yourself because I do not have he words to describe the flavor! I loved that it would free up my Jenn Air for other dishes. I loved that Karl and Amanda were in charge of the brick oven and it was one less thing for me to think about. I loved how great it tasted!
I am still amazed out how good everything comes out when we make it in the brick oven. We really enjoy this oven as a family. I am so happy that it brings my kids back home! Karl and I are not big vacationers and having something else we enjoy in our back yard for us is better then going away on vacation! 
Karl brought the oven up to white hot (bricks on top of oven inside turn white). He let the oven cool to 475* to 500* and kept a small fire going while roasting the turkey. He did not use a door on the oven. I coated the turkey with olive oil and used a seasoned salt rub. I placed the turkey on a rack in a roasting pan and covered with foil. Karl turned the turkey every 1/2 hour. He removed the foil the last hour to let the turkey brown. It roasted for about 3 hours and a internal temperature of 165*. We let it sit for a 1/2 hour and sliced. The turkey was a little pink by the skin because it was wood fired.
Keep a small fire while roasting and turn every 1/2 hour

Internal temperature of 165*


Charlie taking a break from watching the brick oven to enjoy the snow.

Wood fired also!

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