Thursday, July 7, 2011


Another great 4th of July celebration. I realized how much fun I had when I uploaded my pictures and there were only a few! I missed so many great shots. Everyone had there hand in baking pizza and I was enjoying just watching, I never grabbed the camera for you to enjoy. The fireworks were beautiful and I enjoyed watching but forgot to snap a few pictures for you to enjoy. Pat, Becky, Danielle and I had a blast making pizza and Danielle took over and showed us all the tricks she learned from her high school job at a local pizza place. I only took one quick shot of Danielle making pizza and there were many chances for great pictures because Danielle cranked out at least 20 amazing pizzas. Thanks Dino for introducing us to your spunky, pizza making girlfriend! We want you to share her with us more often.... Here is a taste of the fun we had celebrating.
The calm before the storm. Mother nature provided some natural fireworks and heavy rain soon after the party started.
Every one moved inside the barn when the rain started.
Charlie loves the camera!
Friends and neighbors enjoying the celebration.
I wish I knew what Amanda was saying because it seems important!
Thanks Danielle, the pizza was perfect.

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