Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Caramelized Onion Pizza & S'mores!

Karl planted corn early as a test to see if he can outsmart a frost! He covered it with plastic. Fingers crossed we will have early corn on the cob to roast in the oven. He also planted Ailsa Craig onions that are so sweet you can eat them like an apple. They were the inspiration for the caramelized onion pizza we made. 

We baked everything below in a new oven design we hope to launch soon! Stay tuned!

We also baked a sausage and sweet pepper pizza that we top after we take out of the oven with hot pepper honey. Check out the video we made here to hear the wonderful crunch of the pizza crust as we cut it!

To top off the evening, we made s'mores with milk chocolate and marshmallows melted and roasted in a cast iron pan. We dipped the delicious blend with graham crackers right from the cast iron pan.

Here is a picture of our daughter Amanda and her sheepdog, Daphne, who stayed in on a Saturday night because we were baking in the Roundboy. 

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