Monday, June 20, 2011


  Karl and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary on June 5th. The good thing about this is the past 29 years. The bad thing is that we both forgot! This is not the only time over the years that we forgot our anniversary including our first anniversary. I am not sure I want to dig deep into what this means and for us it is not important. We are always busy with the whatever plans and projects that are going on in our lives. We love each other and our family is what is important for us. I guess you could say we celebrate every day in everything we do. How is that for a Hallmark greeting card?

  Father's Day was not much different. K.C. was home for Saturday and Karl enjoyed seeing him and spending time with him. Amanda came home from Texas and spent Saturday morning picking strawberries with her dad and for Karl that is what is important to him. He loves that our children are close to us. They really are our world! Sunday Karl worked on some landscaping and built the water fall he promised me years ago. He trimmed the weeping willow tree by the pond. As we sat under the weeping willow tree and admired the waterfall I thought this is a wonderful anniversary present. It wasn't a fancy way to celebrate or even a relaxing Father's day for Karl but this is our way and I like it!

  Thinking about the passion we have for our Roundboy Oven business and how hard we have worked to build it seems no different then the things that we value everyday. We love being with our family and our friends, we love being proud of something we create ourselves that can be as little as a good pizza or a new bread recipe or as big as a wood fired oven designed and built in a little shop in Ashley, Pa. I don't know if everyone would want a wood fired oven in their backyard but if you like to create a new recipe to share with your family or enjoy the morning picking strawberries with your daughter while she talks about the big new world she is discovering or helping your son with his car on a Saturday afternoon then I think you would like the simple enjoyment the oven brings to you and your family and friends. A change of pace in a hectic world,
a chance to enjoy what is outside your back door and often overlooked. 
This weekend Karl will rake and mulch the new flower bed and another project finished.
Sitting under the weeping willow feels like you stepped into the air conditioning on a hot day.
The view looking up!
The new water fall!
Blueberries are coming along great. I see wood fired blue berry dessert coming soon......


  1. I love ti read about your Roundboy business. Keep all the news coming Lisa

  2. I love reading about your retirement! I am jealous of your new relaxed life! Tell Tom and Amy "Hi" from us....