Thursday, September 15, 2011


Mother Nature has been tough on Northeast Pennsylvania lately.  We have been hit with Hurricane Irene an earth quake and heavy rain that caused the river and streams to flood us and test our new levee. We all enjoy the beautiful things Mother Nature gives us like a rainbow, the fresh bounty from our gardens and the fall leaves and fresh snow we will be waking up to very soon. The power she has been handing us lately reminds me how important it is to respect her and our environment. I am also amazed and proud of the people in Northeast Pennsylvania and how everyone reaches out to help their neighbors.

We have had a few post on Facebook from Roundboy oven owners who used their oven when the power was out. What a great idea for a pizza party and also to cook up the food in your refrigerator before it goes bad. I bet Roundboy neighbors were thankful for the invite and a great way to enjoy a bad situation.  

We were glad for the rain to stop and enjoy our backyard after being inside for way too many days. Our yard is still so wet and Karl is not sure he will be able to cut the grass again before winter.
The first thing we did was fire up our brick oven! On the menu was personal pan pizza baked in a cast iron fry pan.
The recipe I found on line and is a good copycat for Pizza Hut. 
The dough rises in the cast iron pan. First I put 2 Tablespoon of oil in the pan (I used 2 TBSP. as my pan was smaller then the recipe called for).  I rolled the dough with a rolling pin and after placing the dough in the pan I cut it to by rolling a pizza cutter around the pan. I covered the pan with a plate to rise.

The toppings were placed about 1 " from the edge.

The cast iron pan is perfect for brick oven baking. The pan sizzled when we cut the pizza!

What a great recipe! It really was just like Pizza Hut a favorite date night for Karl and I when we were dating Oh so many years ago!

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