Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am sorry if you have tried to find my blog and could not. My blog has been lost for the past week! Due to technical difficulties (a stupid mistake I made and it took countless hours to correct) the blog was out there but under a different domain name! I think there may still be a few problems left that will work out as I continue to blog. You can find my blog at and we are linked to our Ebay listing once again!

I am happy to get back to writing about our Roundboy Wood Fired Oven and cooking and using it! Next blog post will be wood fired burgers and I am afraid it may be the end to our gas grill as burgers are the only thing we use the grill for. Looking out my window and seeing another rainy spring day I am afraid it won't be today. Stay tuned and I am sorry for any frustration you went through trying to find our blog...

You can still contact Karl on his new iPhone at 570-885-3269 as he is having a much easier time using his new smart phone then I have had this week with domain names and my laptop!

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