Saturday, May 28, 2011


After trying burgers in my Roundboy Oven and being unsuccessful I wasn't going to try again right away.

Until I received an email from Jed at Coney Island Catering to try using frozen burgers in the wood fired oven. Jed, a young entrepreneur, visited us last summer and gave me all the tricks to wood fired pizza.  He purchased a Roundboy as a second oven to use when catering parties for his already successful wood fired pizza business in New Jersey.  I knew the frozen burger trick would be just what I needed to make wood fired burgers.

Tonight's Menu: Burgers, Mac and Cheese and Blueberry Cobbler. 
Karl let the fire burn down to hot coals.
He put the grate in the oven to heat and then we added the frozen hamburg patties.
We placed the prepared Mac and Cheese in the front of the oven.
I always start my Mac and Cheese recipe with heavy cream, Velveeta and butter. I then add what ever cheese I have on hand. Tonight I added Boar's Head Vermont Cheddar and Cracker Barrel extra sharp.

Frozen hamburger patties were the trick!
The Blueberry Cobbler was made with blueberries from our blueberry patch, the last bag picked and frozen last summer. Apple Joe stopped by just in time to try the cobbler and he really liked the blueberries. The wood fired pizza oven is ideal for fruit desserts.
One final comment. I have a slightly used gas grill for sale!

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