Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend will be a busy one for us. We are moving Amanda into her new apartment and we want to get a little yard work done. This rain everyday for the entire spring has made it hard to accomplish anything outside. I am hoping to have our friends over for a holiday party rain or shine! That is the best part of our barn because it is a great place when the rain tries to ruin a party. I am thinking we will make ribs in our Roundboy oven.

As  I was searching for a new rib recipe I started to wonder what our customers will be making in their Rounboy oven. This led me to think about all the ovens we have sold. Some of the places I can think of are Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, The Bahamas, Florida, Virginia, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, Canada, Arizona, North Carolina and Connecticut. I know I am missing some places and if I forgot you let me know!

We have talked to chefs, happy parents building a surprise outdoor kitchen for their just married child, a Boy Scout leader buying an oven for the Boy Scout camp, owners of a tea room buying the oven for their garden, wives surprising their husbands, vacationers for their lake home, creative homeowners who turned their oven into a beautiful gnome house with stone work that matched their own home, pizza lovers and bread bakers. They have sent us pictures of their outdoor kitchens and their first fire and first pizza! We have enjoyed everyone we met and talked to and feel like we have new friends.

For me the thought of selling something and connecting with someone in all these places is not something I ever thought would happen in my life. Karl and I are hometown people. Harry and Chrissy live on a lake and none of us travel. We enjoy our backyards and we enjoyed staycations long before they became popular.  I think our hometown has just grown and it is bigger than our backyard! 

So I will share some pictures with you and I would love to know what my friends all over are cooking in their Roundboy oven for Memorial Day. 

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