Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Beginnings and Brick Oven Lasagna

Karl and I took our usual Sunday morning gator ride around our property today. He went over all the improvements he would like us to make to the front of our yard and we checked out the blue berry patch. As we looked at the yard we talked about Amanda and her graduation yesterday, we are both so proud of her! We had a great day and a wonderful dinner at Damenti's with both kids.

Saturday morning Karl, Harry and K.C. had a meeting with an advertising and marketing company for some help keeping Roundboy Ovens growing strong. It seems that lately in my house there are a lot of new beginnings. I am having fun helping Amanda set up her new apartment and get ready for her new job and a new beginning to her life. When you children move on and out it is a new beginning for parents also. Sometimes that has been scary for me but lately Karl and I are really enjoying it. We are proud but also we enjoy our kids as adults and enjoy some freedom for ourselves. Starting a new business and enjoying the oven has been a real good experience for us. I think when you enjoy the product you sell and enjoy meeting new people you can't help but to be a success!

That brings me to brick oven lasagna, we went out for a first class dinner for Amanda's graduation. Damenti's is one of our favorite places and yet both kids and Karl could not wait to make pizza on Sunday! I was the one who enjoyed the dinner out the most because I had a break from cooking. So pizza it was on Sunday before K.C. went back to New Jersey. We had our usual favorite pies but as I was buying the things I needed I kept thinking what could I use the left over toppings and cheese for. I always have too much toppings and not enough dough. I decided to make lasagna and add the sausage, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes sauce and wine that was left over into the lasagna. I would of course bake it in our Roundboy oven! I made my sauce, noodles and cheese mix up but put the lasagna together after we were done with the pizza. I just added the left over toppings right in. It was delicious and easy. Dinner solved for Monday night!
Some landscaping around the waterfall and remove the fence before Amanda talks us into another horse or two.
A new spot for our Roundboy oven. I want it close to the barn for parties.
Slicing the mozzarella cheese instead of the shredding side worked perfect. When the cheese is shredded it is too fine and melts fast. when I hand slice it the cheese melts too slow. This side of the grater worked perfect!
The oven was nice and hot from baking pizza. Karl took the fire out and left a few hot coals. He put the lasagna in and the door on the oven. He turned if after 30 min. and the lasagna was done after 30 min. more.

Monday's dinner!
I saved a little wine before dinner for the lasagna because at our house there is never some left over wine!

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